Sensit Studios UF


During the last year of my time at high school I together with some friends ran a real company as part of a course called young entrepreneurship. The business idea of our company was to create mobile games for Windows Phone devices. We managed to release one game called Morph Rock.

I was head of marketing which meant that I created or web site and branding. Since we were supposed to write a log book covering our work process during the year I thought that it was a good idea to make it possible for us to write blog posts directly on the web site. Since I thought it would be good practice for me I created the user management, blog and database from scratch using PHP and SQL.

At the end of the year we were rewarded for our work with the company.
We received the following prices:

  • Best web site of the year: 3rd place
  • Best company idea: 1st place
  • Completed on
    10 Januari 2012
  • Skills
    HTML / CSS / PHP / SQL

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