Food ordering system


My second project during my time as a software developer at Eurofins Food & Feed Testing AB. Eurofins have laboratories in many countries and cities. The employees located in Lidköping have during the past had trouble finding time to go out and eat during their lunch breaks. To solve this problem Eurofins established a collaboration with a local restaurant, this made it possible for the employees to order food for delivery to the workplace. It was my job to create a web site making it possible for the employees to order food every day.

Once every week the restaurant Sockerfabriken used a pre structured Excel document to send the menu of the week to a specific e-mail address of Eurofins. Once every day an application ran on Eurofins servers, the application searched through the specific e-mail address looking for the Excel document containing the menu. If a new menu was found it automatically got inserted in a database.

I also created a web site where the employees could use their company username and password to log in and order food for the upcoming day. The cost for the meals order every month was automatically invoiced on their salaries. At 2 pm every day all the orders for the upcoming day was summarized in an document which was sent to the restaurant.

  • Completed on
    10 August 2016
  • Skills
    HTML / CSS / JavaScript / C# / SQL

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