Monitoring & Alarm system


This was the first project I worked on during my time as a software developer at Eurofins Food & Feed Testing AB. Eurofins is the world leader in food, pharma and environmental laboratory testing. In Lidköping the laboratory is up and running every day, 24 hours a day. There are always several applications running on servers that manage the production. I created a system which monitored and kept track of those important applications running on the company servers.

The system contains of a Windows Service Application, a SQL database and a dynamic web site. All the applications being monitored is expected to notify the service application on a certain intervall, to prove that the applications are still alive. Every time an application proves that it is up and running, a time stamp is added to the database for the certain application.

If an application fails to prove that it is alive, the application has a certain time to prove it otherwise an SMS will be sent to the responsible employee. The web site shows all the monitored applications and their status, the site can also be used to change the intervall times for the applications, to add/remove responsible employees and so on.

  • Completed on
    20 July 2016
  • Skills
    HTML / CSS / JavaScript / C# / SQL

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